Ronan the Accuser
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Ronan the Accuser – This Day In Comics ( @thisdayincomics)

Ronan the Accuser – This Day In Comics

Ronan is a member of the Kree empire aristocracy, a small group of Kree who can trace their ancestry back to the original Kree tribes on their home planet Hala. After Ronan completes his formal education, he is enrolled in the Kree Public Accuser Corps. Ronan responds well to his training, and is constantly promoted. Finally, in an incident on the Kree border , he stops a fleet of Skrull ships from entering the Kree’s airspace. For this, he is made Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, responsible for enforcing the laws and decrees of the Supreme Intelligence.

Kree warlord Ronan the Accuser first appears in Fantastic Four #65 (May 9, 1967).

Written by
Stan Lee

Art by
Jack Kirby

Cover by
Jack Kirby
Joe Sinnott

Fantastic Four #65 – From the Deadly Lips of Ronan: “I Accuse!”

Ronan the Accuser - Fantastic Four #65

The Kree retaliate! After the FF destroys their Sentry, the Kree’s Supreme Intelligence unleashes its mightiest warlord. Check out the first appearance of Ronan the Accuser!