Uncanny X-Men #232 (Marvel) - Classic Comics
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Uncanny X-Men #232 (Marvel) – Classic Comics

Uncanny X-Men #232 (Marvel) - Classic Comics

The Uncanny X-Men #232 – Earthfall released by Marvel on August 1, 1988

Written by
Chris Claremont

Art by
Marc Silvestri

Cover by
Marc Silvestri

Part 1 of 3. Story by Chris Claremont. Art and cover by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green. Why are the outlaw heroes known as the X-Men after a man named Harry Palmer? What has this Denver based ambulance driver done to earn the mutant heroes’ wrathful attention, and what do the sinister aliens known as the brood have to do with it?

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The Brood are a race of alien parasites that reproduce by implanting their eggs in others. They are a recurring enemy of the X-Men, Sh’iar, Carol Danvers and others in the Marvel Universe.