Ultimate Nullifier
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Ultimate Nullifier (Marvel) – Weapons

Ultimate Nullifier (Marvel) - Weapons

The Ultimate Nullifier is capable of destroying any target the bearer directs the Nullifier at. If the bearer lacks the proper control, concentration, or power then the Nullifier will destroy the bearer as well and possibly the universe itself. While the origins of the Nullifier are largely unknown, it had been revealed that the Ultimate Nullifier is an aspect of Galactus himself. It is the only known object known to inspire fear in Galactus.

Ultimate Nullifier (Marvel) – Weapons


Fantastic Four #50

Fantastic Four #50 – The Startling Saga of the Silver Surfer released by Marvel on May 1, 1966

First Appeared Fantastic Four #50

Written by
Stan Lee

Art by
Jack Kirby

The Silver Surfer takes on Galactus in an epic battle! Meanwhile, Johnny has received the deadliest weapon of all time–The Ultimate Nullifier!