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Doom Patrol – This Day In Comics

The Doom Patrol came about, surprisingly for a team that would focus on people regarded as outsiders in society, due to a need for new superheroes. in 1963 DC Comics was in the process of converting many of its comic books from the golden age into superhero-focused series—and writer Arnold Drake was tasked with turning one such series, the sci-fi adventure anthology My Greatest Adventure, into a new superhero book.

The original team consisted of actress turned height-changer, Elasti-Girl, pilot inhabited by a negative spirit, Negative Man, and race car driver whose body was so destroyed after an accident leaving a robot body his only hope for surviving, Robotman.

Doom Patrol – This Day In Comics

The first appearance of the team was in My Greatest Adventure #80 when the adventure anthology series was being converted to a superhero series. The team was created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bruno Premiani. The team consisted originally of the team’s leader, The Chief, who created the team in attempt to encourage superpowered beings regarded as freaks to do good with their powers.

My Greatest Adventure #80 – The Doom Patrol

Written by
Arnold Drake
Bob Haney

Bruno Premiani

Bruno Premiani

Cover by
Bruno Premiani

A mysterious man known only as the Chief calls three people who have all escaped certain doom but were left outcasts because of their experiences. Plus, The the Chief informs the Doom Patrol of an alien spaceship that has landed on Earth carrying a super-weapon.

The trio of Robotman, Elasti-Girl, and Negative Man then, under the coaxing of The Chief, find and disarm a plastic bomb. Each of the three show their willingness to participate; Negative Man locates the bomb, Elasti-Girl shrinks down to enter inside the bomb to disarm it, and Robotman holds the bomb close to shield the blast in case it were to go detonate.