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Catalyst is a living drug arsenal, capable of inducing the effects of any drug he wishes in the body of anyone he touches.

Catalyst is a “living pharmacopeia”.Meaning he can secrete any known drug within his body and deliver it through touch. Presumably, he mixes them with a DMSO-like compound he secretes along with the main drug. I have assumed such syntheses were not instinctive, and that he was highly knowledgeable about pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, etc.

Examples have included :

Sedatives (in DC Heroes RPG terms, Sleep).

Tranquillisers in various dosage (often just enough to make people groggy – Numb)).

Truth serums (and other chemicals to make people compliant toward orders – Hynotism, Control, Mind Probe, his Charisma, etc.)).

Neurotoxins (Poison touch).

Suspended animation compounds (guess !).

Memory-destroying psychotropes (Hypnotism).

Muscle paralysants (Numb, Paralyze, Stagger).
An exceptionally healthy man, such as the Blue Beetle, would usually suffer moderate effect from a touch. But more ordinary people will be strongly affected.
Catalyst, covert agent with the power to induce the effects of any drug, debuted in Blue Beetle #14 (April 7, 1987).

Blue Beetle #14 – The Phantom of Pago Island released by DC Comics.

Catalyst (First appearance)

Catalyst – This Day In Comics

Written by
Len Wein

Paris Cullins

Dell Barras

Cover by
Paris Cullins
Bruce Patterson

The Blue Beetle ends his adventure with the Teen Titans and the Hybrid and goes back to K.O.R.D. Incorporated. There he sees his girlfriend Melody Case who in none to plesed to see him again. Beetle tries to get back to normal as Ted Kord and get some work done but can’t get him mind on his work.