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The Avengers #333 (Marvel) – Classic Comics

The Avengers #333 (Marvel) - Classic Comics

The Avengers #333 – Life Of The Party! released by Marvel on June 1991

Written by

Larry Hama

Art by
Herb Trimpe

Cover by
Tom Morgan

Doctor Doom holds the Avengers and guests hostage at the gala for the Avengers Complex. What is Doom’s motive behind the madness? Plus, Rage makes a mistake that could cost his teammates their lives!

Doctor Doom has breached the Avengers Headquarters security. He thinks the Avengers know a way to travel into different dimensions. He needs that information to save his mother who is trapped in a different dimension. Doctor Doom has two Doombots fighting Captain America, Sandman, and Vision. The Avengers were told that the real Doctor Doom has a Neutron bomb that will detonate and take out a large area of the city. The Neutron bomb will detonate if the structural integrity of his armor is compromised.

While Captain America Battles Doctor Doom the fight takes them underwater where Cap notices no air coming from Doctor Doom while underwater. So he Takes off the head of the Doombot with his shield. The Sandman and Vision have taken out one more Doombot leaving only one Doctor Doom.

Then Rage takes a gamble and knocks off the head of Doctor Doom only to realize another Doombot.