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Marvel Two-in-One #36 (Marvel Comics) – Covers

Marvel Two-in-One #36 – A Stretch In Time… released by Marvel on February 1, 1978

Written by
Marv Wolfman

Art by
Ernie Chan

Cover by
Ernie Chan

The Thing, alongside Skull the Slayer, attempts to salvage a fallen plane. But with T-Rex and Brontosauruses hot on their trail, will these lost men, and woman, ever escape from the age of dinosaurs? Even more of a complication? Skull and his crew are under the thumb of the Jaguar Priest, savage king of this prehistoric world!

Trapped in the “past”, on the other side of some weird Bermuda Triangle wormhole thingie, Ben Grimm and four other 20th century natives are trying to avoid being eaten by some apparently confused Brontosauri. After a quick trip over a waterfall, the quintet finds its way back to Ben’s plane, where they locate the wormhole by tracking the radiation from the missing bomb Ben had been looking for when he got sucked through the wormhole in the first place.

On the other side, back in our own time, Mr. Fantastic is there waiting to meet Ben at Cape Canaveral, but the Jaguar Priest (a villain from the short-lived Skull the Slayer series) follows them through the wormhole…