Hank Hall (Monarch ) – This Day In Comics
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Hank Hall (Monarch ) – This Day In Comics ( @thisdayincomics)

Hank Hall (Monarch ) – This Day In Comics

Hank Hall ‘s Monarch

The original Monarch was a tyrant from a future dystopian Earth. He chose scientist Matthew Ryder for a time-traveling experiment that would change the latter into Waverider.

Waverider, knowing Monarch was originally a hero that turns evil in 1991, goes back in time to that year to prevent Monarch from ever coming to power.

Monarch follows Waverider, without his knowledge, to stop his plans. He hides his surveillance of Waverider until the latter makes physical contact with Captain Atom, and battles the Justice League. During the battle he kidnaps Dawn Granger and escapes, pursued by Hank Hall. Hall catches up just in time to see Monarch kill her. Without her calming influence, Hall rages out of control and beats Monarch to death. However, he discovers that Monarch is in fact the future version of himself