Dark Horse Presents #36
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Dark Horse Presents #36 (@DarkHorseComics) – Classic Comics

Dark Horse Presents #36 – Aliens vs. Predator; Heartbreakers; Delia & Celia released by Dark Horse Comics on February 1, 1990

Cover Artist: Chris Warner

The most eagerly-awaited storyline begins in this month’s issue of Dark Horse Presents! They are the galaxy’s most deadly alien races; now, the time has come for them to meet at last! It’s the Aliens and Predator together in one story! The confrontation of the century brought to you by Randy Stradley, Karl Story and film designer (The Abyss and Robocop II) Phillip Norwood! The story will then continue in a full-color miniseries coming out next month! Also, Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet continue the story of The Heartbreakers–beautiful and deadly clones! Plus, the further “sword and sorcery” adventures of Delia and Celia by Gary Davis!

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