Avengers #18 - (Marvel Comics) - Covers
Covers Marvel Comics

Avengers #18 – (Marvel Comics) – Covers

 Avengers #18 - (Marvel Comics) - Covers

Avengers #18 – Who are the Avengers? released by Marvel on December 19, 2011

Brian Michael Bendis

Daniel Acuña

Daniel Acuña

Daniel Acuña

Cory Petit

The madness and drama of FEAR ITSELF has taken its toll on the mighty Avengers and now they must reinvent themselves once more! The entire world awaits word of who will be the Avengers! This is one of the most important chapters in Avengers’ history.

We’ve been through a lot. We’ve lost some dear friends and we’ve gained some, too. And with that, historically, we know that this means it’s time to do some real soul-searching. It’s time to reexamine what the Avengers are and what we mean to each other and the world. So the real question is…who will stay and who will go? Who will be an Avenger?

— Captain America

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