Wolverine (1988-2003) #1
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Wolverine (1988-2003) #1 (Marvel) – Classic Comics

Wolverine (1988-2003) #1 (Marvel) - Classic Comics

Wolverine #1 – Sword Quest released by Marvel on November 1988

Written by
Chris Claremont

Art by
John Buscema
Cover by
John Buscema

Wolverine faces off against a group of pirates on the Island of Telambang.

Wolverine tracks a man that has been missing along with a plane and its crew. A band of pirates kill all the crew save two women. Wolverine finally finds Kojima Noburo, the man he was tracking. The dying man tells Wolverine about the Cult of the Black Blade and the Muramasa Sword. Wolverine kills the pirates. Wolverine travels to Madripoor where he meets up with Lindsay McCabe.