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Sha Shan – This Day In Comics

Sha Shan is a Vietnamese national who has saved Flash Thompson’s life many times. After a brief stint as a Spider-Man villain called Sister Sun, she gave up crime. This was after her partner Brother Power was killed in an explosion, Sha Shan gave up crime and became Flash Thompson’s lover. Although the two started out happily, the relationship did not last long. The two had many fights and arguments. They split up when Flash was cheating on her with Betty Brant.

Recently Sha Shan was sought out by Harry Osborn and Peter Parker for Flash’s birthday, she agreed to help Flash to come terms with his disability as a physical therapist. She also works as the personal therapist for Imani Greene.

Sha Shan, a former villain, first appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man #108 (February 15, 1972).


Sha Shan - Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998) #108