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Prime #1 Vol 2 – (@malibucomics) – Classic Comics

Prime #1 Vol 2 -  (Malibu) - Classic Comics

Prime #1 Vol 2 – A Matter of Soul released by Malibu on October 1, 1995

Gerard Jones
Len Strazewski

Kevin West

John Statema
Philip Moy

Robert Alvord

Vickie Williams
Patrick Owsley

Following the events of Black September (a storyline which mirrored the real-life acquisition of Malibu Comics by Marvel), a number of Malibu titles were relaunched in late 1995. Prime, always a steady seller, was among the first of the new breed, kicking off issue #1 of this new series in October, 1995, following a one-shot “infinity” issue.

The new series finds Kevin (the original Prime) under the care of native tribesmen as he recovers from recent events. The tribe finds itself under attack from agents who are determined to harvest the rainforest where the tribe lives. Responding to the danger, Kevin recreates a new Prime body, this time in the shape of Spider-Man, who he has just met. Meanwhile, someone else has been flying around Washington, D.C., looking for all the world like the original Prime. Sorting out the real Prime from the fake is just one challenge Kevin will face as this new series kicks into gear.