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Occulus (Marvel Comics) – This Day In Comics ( @thisdayincomics)

Occulus – This Day In Comics

Ruler of his planet; former ward of the Gem Guild.

Occulus, an extradimensional mutant, debuted in Fantastic Four #363 (February 25, 1992).

Occulus – This Day In Comics

Fantastic Four #363 – Innerverse!

Writers Tom DeFalco
Pencilers Paul Ryan
Inkers Danny Bulanadi
Colourists Max Scheele
Letterers Jack Morelli
Editors Ralph Macchio

Assault on the Inniverse! An interdimensional warlord known as Occulus has abducted Sue and Franklin, and the res of the team will stop at nothing to get them back!

With Sue and Franklin captured, Occulus plans to use Franklin’s powers to his advantage.