Moon Knight #15
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Moon Knight #15 (Marvel) – Classic Covers

Moon Knight #15

Moon Knight #15 – Ruling The World From His Basement released by Marvel on January 1982

Written by
Doug Moench

Art by
Bill Sienkiewicz

Cover by
Frank Miller

Someone is attempting to assassinate foreign dignitaries and at one point Moon Knight is witnessed as the assailant. Spector isn’t responsible, as far as he knows, but a string of headaches has him worried that a rogue personality may be acting outside his memory. His fears are allayed when the culprit makes a subsequent appearance in a rat costume and calling himself Xenos. It turns out to be police Sgt. Gwenn, a covertly racist and xenophobic conspiracy theorist that had taken Moon Knight as inspiration, seeing him as a great “white knight”, until witnessing his hero save the life of an Indian woman and became disillusioned. In their final showdown, Xenos is sneaking up on Moon Knight, but accidentally steps on a rat trap, alerting his target and leading to his defeat.

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