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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984-1985) #4 – Classic Comics

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984-1985) #4 - Classic Comics

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #4 – Situation: Hopeless released by Marvel on August 1, 1984.

Written by
Jim Shooter

Mike Zeck

John Beatty

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984-1985) #4 – The villains quickly spot the fleeing group and use their combined might to throw a mountain on the heroes. Thor and Enchantress are interrupted by the concussion of the falling mountain and return to the ruins of the heroes’ base only to appear in the middle of the villains.

Thor takes on the villains single-handedly but is defeated and vanishes, leaving only his helmet. Doom then orders Ultron to kill Kang for his earlier attempt to take Doom’s life.

The X-Men arrive at Magneto’s stronghold and form an alliance with their former enemy. Magneto then reveals that he believes the heroes should take an aggressive role and do as the Beyonder requests: kill the villains and claim the prize. Wasp then compares him to Hitler and flees from the base.

Meanwhile, the heroes are revealed to have survived the mountain toss, as Hulk caught it on his back and prevented it from crushing the group. Iron Man’s armour was damaged, and with Hulk only able to hold the mountain up, they are effectively trapped. Mr. Fantastic then uses Hawkeye’s arrows and Spider-Man’s web shooters to repair Iron Man’s armour and he blasts an escape path through the mountain.

As they exit, Thor returns to the group, explaining that he hid his escape with a flash of lightning. The heroes then regroup to a village that was brought to the planet, but are concerned with Galactus who is standing on top of a nearby mountain.