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Kid Quantum II (DC Comics) – Hero

Kid Quantum II

Kid Quantum II (DC Comics)

Real Name: Jazmin Cullen
Super-Power(s): Control quantum fields of space and time.
Planet of Origin: Xanthu
Legion Seniority: Kid Quantum II was the sixth completely new Legion recruit after the Reboot.

The second Kid Quantum first appeared in 1996. She was part of the “rebooted” version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, a new reality that began in 1994. Or not, since she appeared in the Legion’s “Earth-247” Reboot. That continuity line seems to have vanished and she has not appeared since then

Powers and Abilities

Jazmin has the ability to alter quantum fields, slowing time around a target. Her inborn power was originally very weak, but was raised through scientific experiments.

Jazmin Cullen was created by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw, and Lee Moder