Destiny (Irene Adler ) - Daily X-Men Facts
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Destiny (Irene Adler) – Daily X-Men Facts (@DailyXMenFacts)

Destiny (Irene Adler ) - Daily X-Men Facts
A blind woman with precognitive mutant-powers. Destiny was part of the Brotherhood of (Evil) Mutants

Destiny (Irene Adler ) – Daily X-Men Facts

Height- 5’7″
Weight- 110 lbs
Hair- Silver
Citizenship- British

Irene Adler aka Destiny is a precognitive mutant & life long friend & lover of Mystique. She helps raise their adopted daughter Rogue, & Mystique stays with her until her death.

Destiny was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne and first appeared in (Uncanny) X-Men issue 141 (1981). She was most likely inspired by Irene Adler of Sherlock Holmes fame.


Powers and Abilities

Destiny had the power of precognition – she could see the future probabilities and then interpret them to best select or manipulate likely events. This also compensated for her physical blindness, as she could ‘see’ the environment around her. Destiny was more skilled at seeing the direct future – her predictions of far off events were less accurate, as there were more variables involved. She has also displayed the ability to project an astral form to communicate with others telepathically.

Destiny’s mutation also likely extended her lifespan greatly, as she was born in the 1800s.

Destiny carried a crossbow. Her aim was deadly, as she always knew where her target was about to move.