1988 - X-Men: Inferno (Crossover)
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1988 - X-Men: Inferno (Crossover)

When the young mutant hero Magik became ruler of the dimension of Limbo, one of its demon-sorcerers, N’astirh, began to covet the idea of not only controlling Limbo, but of become master of Earth as well.

He gathered demonic agents in defiance of Limbo’s new ruler, S’ym, and finally launched his grand scheme. N’astirh orchestrated a kidnapping of 13 babies of Earth in hopes to sacrifice them in a ritual known as Inferno, which would have given him control over both dimensions. Previously, N’astirh had also contacted the woman known as Madelyne Pryor, sensing her power as a clone of Phoenix (Jean Grey) and helped her release her power in what would eventually make her the Goblin Queen.

First, N’astirh opened a gateway between Earth and Limbo through which his demon horde could travel, using the 13 children’s souls as energy for the pentagram-shaped nexus. Inferno had begun, and New York began to feel its effects. The weather turned hot, unearthly hot, and people began to succumb to their more evil desires. Even inanimate objects began to be effected, coming to life and acting in malicious, evil ways.

N’astirh was ultimately defeated by the New Mutants and Magik, who rejected her dark heritage and reverted to her innocent six-year old self. They were also helped by the X-Terminators, a team of mutant teenagers.

During the event, Madelyne Pryor, as the Goblin Queen, had taken the opportunity to confront the X-Men and the original X-Factor, and she even managed to make N’astirh her servant, for a time. However, she was finally defeated when the teams joined forces against her.

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“Inferno” was a Marvel Comics company-wide crossover storyline in 1989 that mainly involved the mutant titles, namely Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, X-Terminators, Excalibur, and The New Mutants. The story concerned the corruption of Madelyne Pryor into the Goblin Queen, the final transformation of Illyana Rasputin into the Darkchylde, the demonic transformation of Hobgoblin, and a demonic invasion of New York City. The series was written by Louise Simonson, Chris Claremont, Steve Engelhart, Gerry Conway, David Michelinie, Ann Nocenti, Walter Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Terry Austin, and Julianna Jones.