Justice League of America
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Justice League of America No. 212 (March 1983) – Classic Comics ( @Hawkworld_ )

Justice League of America #212

Justice League of America #212 (March 1983) – Classic Comics

Cover Artists
George Pérez

Gerry Conway

Rich Buckler

Romeo Tanghal

Carl Gafford

Adam Kubert

With the help of the Phantom Stranger, the Justice League battles the invading War-Kohn on multiple fronts, and frees George Arthur Stuart from captivity. Defeating the aliens, after the previously wounded Elongated Man and Red Tornado provide information vital to their down-fall, the JLA heroes learn that Stuart’s unique genetic code contains the cure for the humans and animals transformed by the X-Element decay reversal process. The cure is effected, David Dorman is reunited with his fiancee, and all is well. . .at least until the day when the X-Element will again begin to decay.