Iron Man (1998-2004) #1
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Iron Man (1998-2004) #1 (Marvel Comics) – Classic Comics

Iron Man #1 – “Looking Forward” released by Marvel on February 1998

Iron Man (1998-2004) #1 (Marvel Comics)

Iron Man (1998-2004) #1 (Marvel Comics) – Classic Comics

Written by
Kurt Busiek

Art by
Sean Chen

Cover by
Sean Chen

It’s business as usual for dashing multi-millionaire Tony Stark and his armored alter ego, Iron Man, now that he’s returned to the Marvel Universe- or is it? Tony must decide whether to wrest control of the Stark/Fujikawa Corporation from his business “partners” or seek to increase his already vast fortune in other ways. He’d better make up his mind quickly, before a mysterious third party hires the Deathsquad to make it up for him!

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