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Daredevil (1964) #8 – Marvel Comics – Classic Comics

Daredevil (1964-1998) #8 - Marvel Comics

Daredevil (1964-1998) #8Marvel Comics

Written by
Stan Lee

Art by
Wallace Wood

Cover by
Wallace Wood

Print Release Date
May 31 1965

Attaching a bomb to a runaway car, the Stiltman uses this as a decoy to distract Daredevil and the NYPD away from the fact that he is robbing a security helicopter on the other side of town. Daredevil drives the runaway car into the river but cannot prevent the Stiltman’s robbery.

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Talking with Karen about the incident later, Karen tells Matt about an eye surgeon who she thinks could heal Matt. Matt is very tempted by this, thinking how he would like to see his secretary. They are interrupted by a new client, Wilbur Day, who has come to see Matt regarding the fact that the company he works for, Kaxton Industries, has stolen his designs for hydraulic lifts. Matt confronts Kaxton about this but Kaxton responds that Day should sue him in court if he feels aggrieved.

Day feels that Matt should trespass on Kaxton’s property to find out the truth of what Kaxton is doing. At this point, Kaxton turns up at Nelson and Murdock and complains that it is he who in fact invented the lifts. Trying to establish the truth, Matt listens in to both men, using their pulse rates to try to determine which is lying but it is too hard to distinguish as both become more heated in their argument.

Changing to his Daredevil costume, Matt chases Kaxton after he leaves the office but is knocked by his car into an open manhole. After struggling out, Matt is alerted to the presence of the Stiltman nearby. Attacking him, DD tries to climb one of Stiltman’s legs, the Stiltman greases it and Matt slides down into the river, whilst the villian escapes.

Having lost Stiltman and with Day in tow, Matt visits Kaxton’s estate, outside of which they find the Stiltman’s hollow metal legs. Kaxton suddently appears and confronts the duo with a gun. Suddenly though, Day attacks Kaxton, knocking him out. He then turns on Matt who pretends to be knocked unconscious by Day’s blow. Day then reveals his true purpose – he is the one who stole Kaxton’s designs and is at the estate to steal an experimental molecular condensor.

Having found the device, Day attaches the legs and begins to make his escape. firing the condensor at DD as he gives chase. As he closes in on Day, Matt uses his billy club cable to swing the condensor to face his foe and thus Stiltman manages to shrink himself. In fact, Day appears to evaporate altogether.

Meeting with Foggy, Karen and Kaxton, Matt reveals that Day will not be sueing Kaxton. Karen then asks Matt if he will proceed with the eye operation. When he tells her he thinks it is too risky, Karen becomes upset, complaining he is a coward, scared of love and runs away.