Avengers Disassembled [Marvel Comics] - Crossovers
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Avengers Disassembled [Marvel Comics] – Crossovers

Avengers Disassembled [Marvel Comics] - Crossovers



“Avengers Disassembled” is a crossover event involving the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor.

Writers – Brian Michael Bendis

Pencilers – David Finch

Inkers – Danny Miki

Colourists – Frank D’armata

Letterers – Albert Deschesne, Richard Starkings

“Avengers Disassembled” saw the beginning of Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers run with the destruction of the existing “traditional” roster and exile of several key members of the team. The other crossover stories intersect (or in the case of the Spectacular Spider-Man and Thor crossover issues) or take place prior or after to the main Avengers story-line. In particular, the tie-ins saw other changes to the status quo: Iron Man once again closeting his secret identity, Spider-Man developing organic webshooters (like the Sony Spider-Man movies), and the death of Thor and Asgard in one final Ragnarok.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis kicks off his historic run with the Avengers by bringing the previous era to a close alongside artist David Finch! Chaos reigns when of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes turns against their teammates, leading the Avengers into a battle that not all will survive! Featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch and more!