Action Comics #713 - Scarlet Salvation
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Action Comics (1938-2011) #713 – Classic Comics

Action Comics (1938-2011) #713

Action Comics #713 – Scarlet Salvation

Written by
David Michelinie

Kieron Dwyer

Denis Rodier

Colored by
Glenn Whitmore

Cover by
Kieron Dwyer

Print Release Date
July 5 1995

The serial killer plaguing Metropolis gains metahuman abilities and sets out to make a corpse of the Man of Steel.

Ramsey Murdoch believes that Superman never really returned from the grave, and refers to him as the “Deceiver”. Although he develops amazing physical and mental powers, he is defeated in a battle with the Man of Steel, with the help of Ron Troupe, and then is held in S.T.A.R. Labs for testing.

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