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Review: Harley Quinn – Joker Loves Harley

One of the main themes during Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s run on Harley Quinn is the idea that Harley doesn’t need to be with the Joker for her life to have meaning.

In fact, both series they’ve written very clearly show exactly what she can accomplish without him mucking up her life.

And it’s not a worn out rom com trope about being a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man. Instead, it’s that he’s literally a psychopath and a murderer who treated her like garbage.

He’s the personification of every crappy abusive boyfriend that every woman has ever had the misfortune of being with.

The last encounter they had was in Arkham where they got to work through a few of their issues, but maybe not in the healthiest of ways.

Which brings us to, “Joker Loves Harley,” the latest chapter in the rocky road that is the Clown Prince and Princess of Crime.

And it was absolutely not what anyone was expecting.

Harley had been receiving little mementos that appeared to be from the Joker, which triggered her feelings for him.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he appears in her room professing how much he misses her and how he’s a changed man.

But Harley’s not buying it and wants nothing more than for him to leave. Before doing so, they pick a time the next day to meet to discuss the situation.

Red Tool, who has a major crush on Harley, looks to take matters his own hands and devises a way to meet with the Joker instead.

This little switcheroo leads to the normal hijinks and insanity we’ve come to expect from Conner and Palmiotti, but with a twist. One that, once revealed, explains many of the little oddities in the story up to that point.

Through all the twists, turns and monologues, Harley is determined to figure just what is going on with the Joker.

By the end, this is a story arc that you’ll either love or hate, there’s no middle ground.