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ICYMI: Batgirl – Redemption

“In Case You Missed It”, or ICYMI, takes a look at older comics that you may have forgotten about, never have a chance to read or never knew existed.

The current Detective Comics series has gathered together much of the Bat-family into one team, including Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown – both former Batgirls in previous eras.

Being reintroduced to Cassandra got me thinking about her as Batgirl, something I never got to read.

Luckily DC has published “Batgirl – Redemption”, which collects the six issues of Batgirl Volume 2. This seemed like a good a place to start with a low entry threshold.

As the story opens, we find Cassandra still trying to come to terms with her past, while not being completely trusted by the others heroes.

This mistrust is fueled by Cassandra’s recent actions and experiences at the hands of Deathstroke and David Cain, her father. Furthermore there is some doubt about her true nature after her upbringing and early life as an assassin.

Unlike some of the others, Batman is willing to give Cassandra some space to work through her issues.

Batgirl uses this leeway to conduct a mission of vengeance against those who used and exploited her.

This path takes her into confrontations with a “sister,” Ravager, Deathstroke, an assassin army, and the other heroes.

And as you would expect, her mission culminates in a confrontation/family reunion with her father.

For me, this story was a great way to get a better understanding of Cassandra Cain as a character without having to read her 70+ issue first Batgirl series.