This Day In Comics: Bloodshot
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This Day In Comics: Bloodshot (@thisdayincomics)

This Day In Comics: Bloodshot

Bloodshot first appeared in Rai #0 (August 28, 1992).

At last – the landmark issue that laid the foundation for the future of the Valiant Universe, featuring the first appearance of Bloodshot! Guest-starring X-O Manowar, Archer, Shadowman, Toyo Harada, the Eternal Warrior and a cast of thousands, the next generation of Valiant heroes begins here! But just what is the Blood of Heroes? And how will it create a legacy that stretches from the modern day into the distant future?

Geoff, the Geomancer frees the hero known as Bloodshot from Project Rising Spirit. Years later, Shadowman dies to rid the world of the Darque Power! After that, the deaths of Archer, Aric and Bloodshot are all precursors to the great Harbinger Wars against Toyo Harada. During this struggle, the Blood of Heroes remains hidden. Finally, in 4002, Geomancer Rokland Tate bestows it upon Takao Konishi – the Last Rai!

This is a telling of the Rai history. It also gives us a detailed account of everything from The Unity Saga on up to the creation of Rai and The Future Force.

Along with that this issue serves as the origin story of Bloodshot.