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Review: Detective Comics – League of Shadows

Lady Shiva and her League of Shadows has declared war on Batman and Gotham city.

But why? Orphan holds the key to the answer.

Orphan (Cassandra Cain) has always struggled to fit in. From childhood she was trained to be the ultimate assassin. She understands more about killing people than talking to them.

After Spoiler left the team, Cassandra started teetering and Batman was worried about the path she’d go down without that friendship.

Then in bursts Shiva with a revelation that rocks Cassandra’s world, sending her closer than ever to careening back over the edge.

As members of the team continue to fall to the League, Cassandra must decide for herself if she’s still truly an unwanted orphan or a valued member of the Bat-family who can save her friends – and Gotham City.

Her ability to defeat those inner demons will manifest itself as her ability to defeat Shiva and the League of Shadows.

With everything on the line, can Cassandra overcome the assassin to become the savior?

Another aspect to this story is: the League of Shadows cannot exist without the League of Assassins. And Shiva can’t exist without Ra’s Al Ghul. As one begot the other in both instances.

The history between these opposing forces has its own part to play in why this attack is happening, what Shiva is ultimately after, and the fate of everyone involved.

But like all epic struggles of good and evil, we’re left with unanswered questions in the end that should have some interesting ramifications in the tales to come.