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Review: Batman/Flash – The Button

The button in question was one of the eye opening easter eggs in DC Rebirth and it could mean one thing – The Watchmen are coming.

Like all good mysteries, this one starts with a death. A death mysterious enough to bring together the DCU’s top superhero investigators: Batman and Flash.

What else would you call a half-burned time-traveling speedster dead on the floor of the Batcave? And after a brutal fight with Batman no less?

Add the fact that he wasn’t killed by Batman, but by a mysterious blue energy? Exactly, a big fat major league mystery.

The final thread of this mystery is the deceased: Eobard Thawne.

As Flash investigates further, he can’t help the gnawing feeling that this is tied to something Wally said about a force more powerful then Darkseid watching them.

In search of more answers, Flash does the only thing he can think of and takes a reality-spanning trip aboard the Cosmic Treadmill with Batman.

Impossibly, they end up back in Flashpoint where father finally meets son, and vice versa.

The reunion is short-lived as Batman and Flash must great back to the task at hand of figuring out the connection between the button, Thawne, Flashpoint and who these ominous watchers are.

The arc ultimately leaves you with more questions than answers, which I think is by design. This is clearly a prelude to the Doomsday Clock event later this year and only meant to wet your whistle a little and get you psyched up for what’s to come.