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Review: Action Comics – The New World (Superman Reborn Aftermath)

Spoiler Alert: Don’t read this until after you’re read Superman Reborn.

After the reality altering events of Superman Reborn, the Action Comics duology The New World re-establishes Superman’s more traditional in-continuity origin.

It’s the origin of a superhero, the last of his kind, who was rocketed across the galaxy by his parents to save him from a dying planet.

Crash landing on Earth, the infant boy is fatefully found by two farmers who raise him as their own.

They instill the boy with a sense of humanity and compassion that allows him to grow up and use his alien abilities to help the people of Earth and the galaxy.

Along the way he dies, comes back to life, marries his true love, has a son of his own, and saves the Earth repeatedly.

This re-established origin weaves both pre- and post-Flashpoint elements into a coherent history that harkens back to a more traditional Superman without completely ignoring the less popular iteration of the New 52.

Yet, while following this proverbial trip down memory lane, Superman is unaware that someone is putting together a rogues gallery of his enemies for a sinister purpose.

One which will undoubtedly have an immediate impact on the Man of Steel.