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Review: Wonder Woman – The Truth

Wonder Woman has been stashed away in the one place no one would ever expert to find her – a mental hospital – having been completely devastated by the revelations in The Lies story arc.

Having found out that, despite evidence to the contrary, she has never been back to Themyscira has left Diana in a seemingly fugue state. And left her trapped inside her own mind as it struggles to comprehend what has happened.

Meanwhile on the real Themyscira something is amiss and the Amazons struggle to figure out exactly what’s going on and what it means.

To further complicate matters, Godwatch is on the hunt for Diana and ostensibly the doorway to Themyscira. To help in this effort they are trying to turn Dr. Minerva against her friends.

As all the principals move closer to their eventual confrontation, it’s unclear the exact role each will play in the outcome. Will they find the real Themyscira? Will Diana finally get home? And what is the ultimate importance of a lost girl and an imprisoned Ares?

The revelation that Wonder Woman has never been back to the real Themyscira is huge! Yes, it’s a bit of retconning and doesn’t actually negate any of her previous adventures, but it does make the mind of a long-time Wonder Woman reader spin thinking about what it means and the possibilities it presents for future stories.

It also could be seen as a direct way to try and address continuity issues, which seems to be a line-wide aspect of Rebirth (to varying degrees).

All and all, this seems to set up a lot of potential for Wonder Woman going forward.