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Review: Superman Reborn Crossover

Spilling across the pages of both Superman and Action Comics, Reborn is the first Rebirth crossover between the two books.

Since the start of Rebirth, something big has been looming over DC’s power family after a warning from the mysterious Mr. Oz. Now in Reborn the meaning behind that warning starts to come to light.

Everything is set in motion when Jon disappears and the truth behind the faux Clark Kent is finally revealed.

As if that wasn’t enough, a long lost frenemy makes a triumphant return to the pages of Superman comics.

But to get Jon back, Superman and Lois must navigate a dangerous game that holds the boy’s life in the balance. Can they save Jon? Can Jon do anything to help himself?

As the plot unfolds these questions and more are answered, especially after a couple unexpected friends appear to lend assistance of a sort.

At its heart Reborn is about figuring out why the relationship between Lois and Clark is so important to the DC Universe.

The crossover accomplishes what it sets out to do and perfectly sets the stage for what is to come.