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Review: Action Comics – Men of Steel

Will the real Lex Luthor please stand up?

Lex is a villain. An egomaniacal sociopath. An evil genius. Superman’s greatest enemy. Right?

Not so fast.

It seems that Lex may have actually turned over a new leaf. Starting with the Forever Evil crossover event, where Lex helped the Justice League defeat the Crime Syndicate, through to becoming the self-appointed new Superman of Metropolis, he’s seemingly been a force for good.

Of course, try telling Superman or Lois Lane that. They always feel Lex has some trick up his sleeve or is playing at some angle that ultimately only benefits himself.

So, when a couple of warriors from a distant planet arrive to kill Lex for atrocities he has yet to commit, they aren’t surprised. According to them Lex will one day replace Darkseid on the throne of Apokolips and go on to kill billions – something originally hinted at in the epic Darkseid War event.

And as the ultimate believer in truth and justice, Superman steps in to defend Lex against these wild accusations, insisting that they have no jurisdiction on Earth and no right to carry out a death sentence for crimes that haven’t yet been committed.

Through this arc, Lex and Superman see how well they can work together, learn to give each other the benefit of the doubt and look towards a fresh start and being a little more open minded.

All the while, the questions about the mysterious human Clark Kent continue to mount with little to no answers.

This new relationship between Superman and Lex Luthor – and the potential it offers – seems to be critically important not only to the Superman Reborn story, but also the bigger picture events that have only been hinted at so far.