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This Day In Comics: Richard Rider, Nova #1 (@thisdayincomics)

This Day In Comics: Richard Rider, Nova #1

Nova, high-school student Richard Rider, first appeared in Nova #1 (June 15, 1976).

Richard Rider was an average teenager. Not the class clown, neither the wallflower, nor the cool kid. He went to high-school, had girl troubles and tried to help out his parents and younger brother when he was at home.

All seemed to go their normal way for the young Richard until he came into contact with the Nova Corps.

The Nova Corps was a peace-keeping force that was based on the planet Xandar.

The planet was destroyed by the space pirate known as Zorr. When Rhomann Dey, the Nova Prime, was dying he fled through the universe and went to earth. There he chose Richard Rider to receive his powers and granted him the Nova Force.

He was asked by Rhomann Dey to use his powers for the good of earth and the universe and serve as it’s protector. This was a lot for the teenaged Rider but he nonetheless started a superhero career with his new found powers as Nova, the Human Rocket!