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The Armorines

Are a team of soldiers from the U.S.M.C. equipped with highly advanced prototypes of power armors based on alien technology.
The Armorines  -After the battle between X-O Manowar, Solar and the Spider Aliens on the moon the U.S. government discovered the existence of the X-O armor and considered it a threat to national security. After Aric Dacia refused to work with the gooverment, “Deep Freeze Project” was activated to eliminate the threat. Aric was lured into an Antarctic base were a team of scientist and soldiers, lead by the CIA agent Peter Garrett and Doctor Philip Zahn, tried to destroy the armor. The operation was a failure and X-O eventually escaped but Zahn had obtained enough data to reserve engineer the armor main systems.

Over the course of the next year, Zahn was able to build four suits of armor, while general Kendall, colonel Gardner and senator Ackermann scouted for the soldiers to use them. Unfortunately they rarely agreed upon who to use, Kendall wished the unit to be a Marines only operation, while Ackermann was worried about having a Vietnam war veteran in it.

In the end they put a team together including three Marines NCOs and a NSA agent.

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