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Review: Wonder Woman – Year One (DC Rebirth)

The other half of Greg Rucka’s initial return as the writer for Wonder Woman focuses on the events leading up to Diana’s first emergence as a superhero.

On its surface, a story called Year One, elicits thoughts of an unneeded origin story, especially with a Wonder Woman movie coming out soon. Of course, the coming movie could also be the reason for doing a story arc about Diana’s genesis in the comics first.

While the story did focus on all the major points generally expected: Steve Trevor’s crash landing on Themyscira, Diana winning the games that decide the Amazon champion, and leaving Themyscira to be an emissary to “man’s world” — it also threw in a few unexpected moments and plot points to make it more than a simple retelling of what was already known.

One of the things that stood out about this interpretation is that Queen Hippolyta allowed Diana to participate in the games. In many previous origin stories, Diana was forbade from participating and hid her identity to compete.

Like with Wonder Woman – The Lies, Rucka does a superb job with Year One. And the art and covers match the story well.

He delivered what fans would expect while seamlessly incorporating new elements, some of which will clearly play a role down the road.