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Review: Harley Quinn – Undercover Punker (DC Rebirth)

For a creative team that has set the bar in the DCU for humorous and outlandish storylines, having Harley Quinn go undercover as a punk rocker definitely deserves to be near the top of this team’s list.

After watching their local postman get robbed and killed, Harley and crew are hired to take out the robbers. Of course, the thiefs also happen to be a punk rock band that’s been pulling jobs near their tour stops.

Now if this sounds like a spoof with a premise inspired by a Fast and Furious movie…

Well, that’s pretty much what it is. Yet in many ways it’s still a typical Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti penned Harley Quinn tale.

Some signature elements include a “J loves H” bar of soap, Eggy as the band’s drummer, Harley beating up an audience member, and a surprise appearance by a Gotham villain.

Combine those with the typical banter and sexual innuendo/tension, while throwing in a superhero fetish club for good measure, and you have a rather enjoyable little farce that tells a solid story without taking itself too seriously.

Overall Harley Quinn continues to be one of the more unique titles in DC’s line up.