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Review: Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate (DC Rebirth)

When Detective Comics was retooled as a part of Rebirth, one of the great things about it was that a mainline Batman comic would finally incorporate multiple Bat-heroes as a part of its main cast.

Bringing back Spoiler, Orphan, and Bluebird as a part of the main cast was probably made possible because of their inclusion in Batman Eternal a couple years earlier.

And the elevated importance of Batwoman is nice to finally see.

These additions have given writer James Tynion IV the opportunity to explore many new and previously unavailable dynamics and interactions for a mainline Batman comic.

With “The Victim Syndicate,” the third arc of the series, Tynion explores some aspects of superheroes that are generally overlooked.

The most important of this being citizens who become collateral damage in the battles between heroes and villains.

The Victim Syndicate speaks for those people. Their goal is to end Batman’s reign by proving that costumed vigilantes ultimately cause more harm than good – and they won’t stop until Batman’s secret identity is revealed.

As Batman and the team work to solve the mystery of the syndicate, clashes between the heroes bring previously simmering tensions bubbling to the surface, which threaten to tear them apart without any help from the syndicate.

Overall the story delivers a layered plot that further develops several of the main characters, gives some depth to these new villains, and provides enough twists and turns along the way to keep the pages turning until the end.