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Review: Action Comics – Lois Lane, Back at the Planet (DC Rebirth)

The death of the New 52 Superman along with the revelation of the Pre-New 52 Superman and Lois Lane in the current timeline created a whole bunch of loose ends as the Rebirth began.

As a result, the various Superman titles have a lot going on and trying to keep straight how they all theoretically affect each other can be a little frustrating.

Piece by piece the Rebirth writers have been setting things right, with what seems to be an end goal of writing the kind of Superman stories that readers we used to prior to the New 52 iteration.

Action Comics takes a big step in the right direction with the Pre-New 52 Lois Lane’s return to the Daily Planet – replacing the now deceased New 52 Lois Lane.

Despite Lois’ misgivings that she’ll be discovered, everyone at the Planet seems to automatically assume she’s their Lois, despite some glaring differences between the two women.

This should continue to be a fun way of pointing out interesting “this universe” vs. “their universe” differences in the characters Lois and Superman will regularly interact with.

Think all that’s confusing? There’s still a human Clark Kent running around that no one can explain. Lex Luthor is still trying to claim the mantle of Superman. And not to mention Lana Lang is Superwoman.

So, clearly, even as the pieces are falling into place, there’s still a lot to sort out along the way.

But even with all this going on, there is still something comforting about Lois and Clark being the real DCU power couple.