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Preview: Vampirella Vol. 4 #3 (@DynamiteComics)

Preview: Vampirella Vol. 4 #3

Vampirella Vol. 4 #3

Welcome to The Clown Factory, the place where bad people go. If you’re lucky, you only have to serve hard labor there. If you’re unlucky…well, better not to get into that. And wait until you meet the Commandant! Don’t get on her bad side!
Writer:Paul Cornell
Artist:Jimmy Broxton
Covers: Philip Tan (a) Kenan Yarar (b) Cosplay Photo Cover (c)
Subscription cover: Jimmy Broxton (d)
Incentive cover: Cosplay Photo (“virgin art”), Philip Tan (B/W art), Jimmy Broxton (“virgin art”), Philip Tan (“virgin art”)
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FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+


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