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Review: Superwoman – Who Killed Superwoman? (DC Rebirth)

One of the more intriguing new titles announced for DC’s Rebirth was Lois Lane as Superwoman.

In it, the New 52 Lois Lane was imbued with superpowers after she was too close to the New 52 Superman when he died.

As with the other “super” titles, Lex Luthor is still the self-proclaimed Superman defending the people of Metropolis, yet this new Superwoman is a welcome sight.

When Lex and his battle cruiser are attacked by an unknown aggressor, Lois jumps into the fray to help contain the situation. As the attack escalates out of control, Lana Lang is forced into action as a second Superwoman, having gained powers in the same way Lois did.

Inside the battle cruiser, Lois and Lana come face-to-face with Bizarro clones of the Crime Syndicate Superwoman. Lois pays the ultimate price which deals a devastating blow to Lana.

To say this was a complete letdown is an understatement.

Around the same time, Lex is taken prisoner by his thought-dead sister, Lena, who has set these events in motion. Outside of this little family reunion, Lana and other heroes continue to fight to save Metropolis.

The fighting reveals Lana’s powers are killing her, but she refuses to stop using them. Lena has turned herself into Ultrawoman and requires Lana’s powers to survive and complete her master plan – revenge against her brother.

After the death of Lois, shifting the focus to Lana, and revealing Lena as the villain, along with Lena’s sole motivation of destroying Lex and his reputation, the series doesn’t seem to stand up to the initial anticipation of reading a comic about a super-powered Lois Lane.

The overall story is done well enough with some interesting plot developments, flashbacks and character appearances. The ending, as well, is solid. But with all that said, Lana wasn’t a good enough replacement for Lois as Superwoman and Lena as a villain was a little lacking.

This is a clear result of expectations versus reality. The expectation was for something new and different with Lois Lane potentially flying side-by-side with Superman, but instead the reality was something a little too grounded that never quite rose to the heights it was capable of.