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Review: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad (DC Rebirth)

In what was billed as DC’s first major Rebirth event, Batman discovers the existence of the Suicide Squad.

While this premise has all kinds of potential, it does seem to imply that Batman and the Justice League never knew about Amanda Waller’s Task Froce X in previous eras, which is a little surprising.

But regardless, the anticipation of witnessing an all-out battle between the DCU’s two preeminent teams was tangible — and it more or less delivered.

Like most events there were some things that didn’t seem quite right, but that was kept under control since the main story arc only appeared in the JL vs. SS miniseries.

The tie-ins in the Justice League and Suicide Squad series didn’t directly impact the narrative of the main story, rather they complimented it.

The main reason for the success of this story is that it didn’t follow the obvious plot line of just having the Justice League fight the Suicide Squad.

Instead we get the rebirth of Max Lord, who unleashes a plan to bring his idea of peace to the rest of the world — which sets these two super teams on a collision course.

Also, the existence of a previous Suicide Squad is revealed; the Justice League is possessed and turned evil; and two Squaders prove their worth and are invited to join the League.

There are a couple other surprises (and not so surprises) along the way and some loose threads that will hopefully come to fruition down the road.

All and all the series is well paced and action-packed with a satisfying ending. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for future Rebirth Era crossover events.