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[Valiant] X-O Manowar #1

[Valiant] X-O Manowar #1

War is coming! Next week, a historic new beginning arrives in the long-awaited X-O MANOWAR (2017) #1! 

At long last, the biggest comics debut of 2017 is slamming into comics shops everywhere next Wednesday in the all-new X-O MANOWAR (2017) #1 from writer Matt Kindt & artist Tomas Giorello! Stranded on a hostile alien world and estranged from the ultra-powerful armor that made him the universe’s most wanted weapon, has Aric of Dacia – former protector of Earth and last son of the Visigoth empire – finally found peace in a galaxy far removed from our own? Not by a long shot! When warring factions force him to fight on the front line of a brutal extraterrestrial war, blood and turmoil are about to come crashing back down on Aric’s life. And, soon, his true conquest can begin as he climbs the ranks from SOLDIER to GENERAL to EMPEROR…and X-O Manowar brings an entire planet to heel under his armored fist.

This is the ultimate Valiant jumping-on point for 2017 and beyond… Don’t miss a moment as Kindt & Giorello gear up for a superhero-driven sci-fi epic that’s sure to go down as the biggest, most powerful X-O Manowar tale ever told!

Plus: Also hitting shelves on the very first X-O MANOWAR WEDNESDAY, writer Jeff Lemire & artist Renato Guedes usher in another major turning point in BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 – a very special final issue leading into BLOODSHOT SALVATION, an all-new ongoing series beginning in September! In the aftermath of Project Rising Spirit’s assault on New York, Bloodshot and his true love, Magic, are ready to retreat from the world. But how long can they stay gone when a new evil – and a new life – prepare turn to everything they know upside down? BLOODSHOT REBORN draws to a close…and the road to SALVATION begins right here as the Valiant Universe prepares for the birth of Bloodshot’s daughter with the most important issue in Jeff Lemire’s ongoing Bloodshot epic to date!

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