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[Villians] Megatron (@IDWPublishing)

Megatron is leader of the Evil Decepticons. His motto is “Peace Through Tyranny”. In almost everyway Megatron is the exact opposite of Optimus Prime. He is brutal, relentless, and the very definition of Destruction. Megatron has earned the respects of his fellow Decepticons simply because of his brute power and overall undeniable leadership. The most interesting part of most incarnations of Megatron is that he truly believes that he is the good guy and that alone makes him even more terrifying.


Megatron is often depicted as cold, ruthless, arrogant, intelligent, aggressive and rarely shows emotion, except for anger or hatred. Mercy and compassion means nothing to him.

In most of his incarnations, however, Megatron believes he is the good guy and fights for freedom and justice, and believes that the only way to achieve piece is through tyranny.

Powers and Abilities

Megatron is a highly intelligent and powerful battlefield commander, using a combination of brute force, military knowledge, mercilessness and terror to lead his Decepticon army and battle his enemies.

He possesses enormous strength, enough to effortlesly lift and throw dump trucks and take on the likes of Optimus Prime in hand-to-hand combat, and even catch a punch from Devastator and hold him. In additin to his strength, he is highy durable to most, if not all, forms of physical attacks. His fusion cannon also possesses incredible amounts of power, enough to flatten a small town with one fully-powered blast and it has the range of 12 miles. He can also connect his cannon with a black hole, where it can draw anti-matter as it’s power source.

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