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[Marvel Comics] Star Trek / X-Men

Star Trek/X-Men is a one-shot comic book crossover, written by Scott Lobdell and published in 1996

Produced by Marvel Comics as part of its short-lived Paramount Comics imprint, the book chronicles the first encounter between Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise (during the five-year mission of the original series) and members of the X-Men, who traveled through a dimensional rift chasing the mutant Proteus. This was the first of the Star Trek comic books produced by Marvel for the Paramount Comics line, and it contains previews for several of the follow-up series!

When the crew of the original Enterprise discover an alien ship which has traveled through a rift in space and time, it doesn’t take long for a firefight to ensue. The alien ship is destroyed, but not before it’s crew – the X-Men – are beamed aboard the Enterprise. The team of mutants explain that as part of their dealings with the alien race, the Shi’ar, the X-Men had been using the rift to explore possible future timelines for their planet, in a plot that’s essentially the reverse of the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

As interesting as the combination of X-Men and Star Trek is, there are some moments which even the most dedicated of fans can’t help but laugh at. When the Shi’ar ship is first discovered by the Enterprise, the alien hero The Guardian punches Captain Kirk’s ship, leading the Star Fleet crew to reel in surprise that a being exists which would be foolhardy enough to try such an attack.